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What is the advantage a V-Direct debit telephone account?

Some service providers, such as cell phone providers, will not permit any collect calls to their subscribers. Other "non-traditional" local telephone service providers do not install the costly Telecom equipment that would allow their subscribers to receive collect calls as a way to control costs.

Being able to fund an Inmate's V-Direct debit account makes it possible for anyone who is incarcerated to call their loved ones at a discounted phone rate without having to make a collect call. With a debit account the inmate can call any facility approved telephone number unlike collect calling where the inmate calls are limited to just the friends and family members that can receive collect call.

Several different payment methods are available for funding an inmate's debit account.  VAC allows all credit card, debit card or any Pre-paid/Gift Card as long as it displays either a MasterCard or VISA logo. After the account is funded the inmate can immediately start calling his friends and family members.

 Please click 'SIGN UP' for instructions on how to establish a new account or how to add additional funds to an inmate’s debit account.


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