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What are your standard hours of operation? 

Our standard hours of operations to reach a live Customer Service Representative is Monday
through Friday 7:00 am to 8:30 pm Central Standard Time and on Saturdays from 9:00am to
5:30pm Central Standard Time. Please note that you can reach our automated system 24 hours
a day by calling the designated phone number provided in Question #2 of the FAQ-Description

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Can you provide a general 'Description Overview' on the V-Direct Debit calling program? 

The V-Direct debit calling product allows inmates’ friends and family members to add funds
directly to an inmate’s personal telephone account thereby allowing the inmate to control and
budget his phone calls. This service allows the inmate to place and pay for calls to friends and
family members. Calls made in this manner will have the cost of the call deducted (Plus any
applicable fees and taxes) from the inmate’s personal telephone account.

Collect and Advance Pay (prepaid collect calls) will continue to work as they do today. All
facility call controls (i.e., blocked numbers, calling hours, 3-way calling restrictions, etc.)
will apply to V-Direct debit calls.

The V-Direct debit service also allows international calling using the funds in the inmate debit account.

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How can I setup an account so that I can add funds to my loved ones Debit phone account?   

An account can be setup using the V-Direct Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) or the internet on the V-Direct website:

Debit IVR
          Inmate debit accounts can be setup and/or funded using the VAC Debit IVR :
                    Washington DOC, WA – (866) 669-9975
                    Pierce County, WA – (866) 669-9968
                    Whatcom County, WA – (866) 669-9971
                    Hall County, GA – (866) 669-9972
          An IVR has been implemented that allows inmate Friends and Family to deposit funds into an
          inmate(s)debit account(s) via the telephone.

Debit Website
          Inmate debit accounts can be setup and/or funded using a computer with internet
          access ( which will allow users to establish and/or
          deposit funds into one or more inmate accounts. Users will be allowed to view historical
          deposits made to the account. 

          The funding family member will be required to enter their 10-digit telephone number and create a
          PIN number to establish the account. Once the account has been established you will be able to
          add funds to the desired inmates debit account by entering the facility issued inmate ID number.

          To find the inmate ID go to
                 Washington DOC -
                 Pierce County -
                 Whatcom County -
                 Hall County -


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What are the funding options for the V-Direct Debit accounts?    

The V-DIRECT debit account-funding minimum is $25.00 or a maximum of $100.00 per deposit. The
funding maximum is $200.00 per funding account/per credit card/and per inmate debit account
per 7 day rolling days. There will be a $5.95 service charge applied to all credit card transactions.
If sending in a Money Order, VAC will discount the service charge.

VAC will accept one of the following payment methods for V-DIRECT Accounts:
            • MasterCard
            • Visa
            • Most Debit Cards or Cash Cards
            • Money Order (Cash option)

VAC does not store or in any way retain customer credit card or CVV numbers; and will not share
customer information with any unauthorized company or entity, based on the 'Payment Card
Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, Version 1.1' guidelines.

There will be a 'warning notice' that once the monies are added to an inmate’s account, the money
cannot be credited back onto the credit card. Funds remaining in an inmate's debit account will be
refunded to the inmate in the form of a 'free world' debit calling card. Funds will not be refunded to the credit
card holder that funded the account.

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What is the process for funding with a Money Order?  

Mail your Money Order payment to V.A.C. at the following address: V.A.C.,Dept 2430,P.O. Box 122430,Dallas,TX. 75312-2430. Make sure to include a 10 digit account number, the inmate name/ID and the facility where the inmate is located on the front of your money order and make it payable to V.A.C. If you do not include this information it may delay funding to your account.

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How can I find out what the balance is on the inmate’s account?  

Once the funds have been posted to the inmate’s debit account it is considered the inmate’s
money. The inmate is the only person that can access his/her debit account balance. The inmate
can access the balance by using the pin number which was provided by the facility.

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Can a friend or family member fund an inmates's debit account outside the US? 

Yes. An International Money Order can be purchased from any major international bank. The Money Order must be made out in U.S. dollars and sent to the VAC address below. The dollar amount for the International money order must be between $25.00 to $100.00 dollars.
The mailing address is VAC, Dept 2430, P.O. Box 122430, Dallas, Texas 75312-2430. 

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Can I fund multiple debit accounts?   

Yes, multiple accounts can be funded but no all at one time. You will have to fund each debit account separately. You will be charged the $5.95 service charge for each successful credit card transaction.      

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What are the calling rates when using the V-Direct Debit program?   

The rates charged for V-DIRECT debit calls will mirror the pre-paid domestic collect call rates.

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How long will it take to receive a call from an inmate after funding a debit account using a credit card?   

Once the funds have been approved, you will be able to receive a call from the inmate within 15 minutes.  After all successful credit card transactions a transaction number is provided to the card holder, when using the Website.

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Who do I contact if I am having difficulty adding monies to an inmate's debit account when using a credit card?  

You can always call the VAC V-Direct automated system's phone number (Question #2 of FAQ-Description Overview), to speak to a Customer Service Representative during business hours. Please be prepared to provide your name, the facility name, the inmate name and the inmate ID number. This information is necessary for our representatives to assist you.  

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Who do I contact if I am having a service issue and cannot receive a debit call?  

If you have a service or billing issue, contact Value-Added Communications at the VAC V-Direct automated system's phone number (Question #2 of FAQ-Description Overview), to speak to a Customer Service Representative during business hours. Please be prepared to provide your name, the facility name, the inmate name and the inmate ID. This information is necessary for our representatives to assist you.  

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Why would my credit card be declined if there are sufficient funds in my account?    

In order to protect our customers from fraudulent transactions, the billing address is verified through your credit card company. Please be sure that the address you enter to process a payment through V-Direct does not differ from the Master Billing Address on your bank's records, or your transaction will be declined. You will need to contact your credit card company to check the address they have on file for AVS (Address Verification System) purposes.  

If your transaction was declined due to AVS Mismatch (Billing address provided does not match Billing address of cardholder), please do not attempt to resubmit your request, as it will send multiple authorization requests to your banking institution and place holds on your funds. Please contact your banking institution to verify that the Master Billing address they have on file is the same as you entered when you registered.

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My credit card transaction was declined. Will I be charged for this transaction?  

You may see pending charges on your account even though the order was declined. When a payment is attempted on our website or IVR, the transaction is sent to the bank for verification of the billing address entered, and for availability of funds. The bank holds the funds for that transaction, even if the order is then declined for other reasons. The hold should drop off automatically in two to three business days, it is all dependent on your bank.

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What happens to the money that I have added to the inmate’s debit account once the inmate has been released?    

If the inmate is released with funds remaining in his V-Direct debit account he can setup a 'Free World' account by calling 1-800-786-8521. He/she will be asked for his/her Inmate ID/PIN and will be provided a PIN number that will allow him/her to make calls throughout the United States until his/her debit funds are depleted.

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